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The best place to transcribe your Skype video interviews! Are you…

• A recruiter who regularly conducts job interviews
• Always on the go journalist who finds Skype a godsend
• A market researcher who gathers data over Skype calls

Then you should …

Either call on our toll free number or shoot a mail to us.

And here is why it could be the best decision you ever took!

• We offer Skype video transcription services that are accurate and are a clear textual reflection of your recording.

• We've transcribed interview recordings that are formal, snappy, quirky, matter of fact, long winded and can transcribe any interview in any format.

• Yes, you read that right, we accept all video formats

• Working with us can be as simple as sending a link

• And as pleasant as receiving an affordable bill!



Skype Video Transcription


All good things in one great package!

We are a lot more affordable than your transcriber next door, and return your transcripts more promptly as well. But it is our cost saving offers that make our services one of a kind. Get a heavy rebate on your bill if you skype interviews that are over 20 hours long or more. Get your friends to work with us and avail of our referral offer. We also provide group discounts.

And yes we are awake at four!

Whether you want your transcript in two hours time or have a query at three in the morning it is possible to connect with us, and get what you need. We are available at all times, so every time you need us, we are right there!

When you get so much for so little it is high time you called 1 877 323 4707!

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Videotranscriptionstar loves videos! Our office is always busy with videos streaming in all through the day. We transcribe, subtitle and caption your videos. And bring in a decade of expertise to the table.



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