Want to record a smart video interview? 10 tips to help you out!

Video interviews can be nerve wracking. There is so much to take care of. Lighting, sound quality, and, not to forget, the content, of the interview! So, how do you cope? And yes the bigger question, and still manage to look good on camera?


A few ways you can, without investing in expensive equipment or hiring an army of professionals.

  1. Do a quick rehearsal with your interviewee. Go over the questions once. It will help to break the ice with your interviewee and build trust.
  2. Though Lav mics are usually used they have the annoying habit of picking up sounds of fabric rustling and other subtle sounds. A handheld interview mike can provide more professional quality audio.
  3. Experiment with camera angles and different shots to make your video interview more engaging.
  4. Record with two cameras. Let one record in the tried and tested mid close up level throughout. Use the other camera to play around with angles. This will ensure that even if your angles go awfully wrong you will still have back up.
  5. Carry Styrofoam sheets with you. They are simple, effective and inexpensive. You can use them to cut unseemly shadows and boost light.
  6. Don’t wear stripes or small checks. It forms weird patterns when the camera scans and creates the undesirable “flutter” effect.
  7. Wearing white or bright colours as they reflect light and look too stark or vivid on camera.
  8. Prepare a few ice breaker questions before going ahead with the interview. This will help you get less nervous and more spontaneous answers.
  9. Sit as closely, to the camera or the flip out screen, as possible to monitor the recording.
  10.  A white plain wall is by far the best background for any video interview.

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